Friday, December 17, 2010

Course Reflection

I have to say this course was nothing like I had originally expected it to be. I didn't realize that the focus of the course would be on the vampire novel and at first I was a little disappointed. But once I started reading the books assigned to us, I changed my mind completely. The only books I had read about vampires was the Twilight series so all I knew were lovey dovey vampires who sparkled in the sun. This course definitely broadened my view and reminded me of what the vampire started out as.
If I had to take this class again, I would most certainly take more time on my blog postings. The times that I sat down and carefully planned out what I wanted to say and picked out lots of quotes from the novels, I was really pleased with my work. It was easy for me to forget about the reading for the week or the comments I was supposed to write. I think if I would have stayed on a steady schedule it would have been easier for me.
I'm not finished with my final project yet but I'm excited every time I work on it. I love to read and sometimes I like to write about what I read but I truly love being creative. I'm really glad that we were given the opportunity to do a creative project. It gives us all a chance to create something with the medium that we're best at. I have never been able to create music like this for a class and I'm so excited that I get the chance to do it now.

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