Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Interview with the Vampire

I really enjoyed the reading this week. It was nice and a change of pace to hear the story told from the vampire's point of view rather than the 'victim.' This is one of the differences between Louis and the other vampire's we have read about. The reader gets to hear how Louis felt, how he was affected by his change and how it was that he was changed. Louis also seems gentler than the others we have read about. While the boy has been “visibly shaken,” he is still able to talk calmly with Louis and carry on a conversation with him (Rice 26). He's not in fear of his life while he's talking to Louis. All the other vampire's we've read about have only wanted their victim's blood and nothing else. I think our concept of the monster is complicated with this novel because we want to feel sympathy for Louis but at the same time all we've known about vampires is that their cold, dead, blood sucking monsters. It's hard to change ones opinion of something that's been engrained in our mind for so long.

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