Thursday, September 2, 2010

About Me

Three interesting facts about me:
-my major is film
-i work at a hardware store
-i play piano, clarinet, and guitar

I signed up for this course because i love to read and haven't been able to with any of my other classes.
I'm not sure it's my favorite but a novel i really enjoyed was The Lovely Bones. I like how the reader got to see this family and their struggles through the eyes of their dead daughter/sister.
I really like mystery novels. When i read i want to not be able to put down the book and thats how i am with mystery novels. I want to know the ending therefore i can't put it down until i do.
When i read a book, i want to be taken to a different world. i want to be able to see the setting and the characters and hear what they sound like.
I have taken english classes throughout my entire school career. I tested out of english so i didn't have to take any courses in college but i have by choice taken two creative writing courses. This will be my first real english class in college where i have to read and write about what i read.
I think this class will be different just because we're focusing on one type of novel rather than studying several genres.
The only knowledge i really have is the twilight books. So i don't know what kind of perspective that gives me.
I'm already on facebook and myspace. I've had to keep several other blogs for a couple different film classes so i'm somewhat familiar with it. My experience has generally been positive. There are times when things don't work but that's to be expected with technology.

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